Engineering Services Division

Our Engineering Services Division facilitates the entry and domestication of German made machines and engineering know-how to fire up economic development in the developing countries.

ABSOLUTE Transportation Systems (ATS)

In association with German railway giant DB, we buy and sell used German DB railway wagons, locomotive engines after the overall maintenance & renovation to make it as good as new and fully conditioned for mobility. And then its exported to the developing countries with the approval certification from the DB. Our fully equipped workshops deploy the world renowned German technology and its engineering precision to deliver the very best quality to our end users.

ABSOLUTE Maritime Systems (AMS)

We buy and sell used German heavy duty port handling equipment’s mainly from Hamburg, one of the largest port in the world, after the overall maintenance & renovation to make it same as new and fully conditioned for operations to export worldwide with approval certification from the manufacturer. Our fully equipped workshop deploy the world renowned German technology and its engineering precision to deliver the very best quality to our end users. AMS will assist the buyer with technical support by giving training for their technicians for the operation of the equipment with translated English user manuals from German.

ABSOLUTE Agricultural Systems (AAS)

Our agricultural division will undertake and manage big processing plants, mainly in agriculture like sugar, coffee, rice, pulses, coconut, palm and rubber plantations and its processing plants to optimize the agricultural production and produce value added products to give maximum benefits for the farmers. Absolute food processing parks is a great venture from the Absolute, to ensure and maintain food sustainability for the associating country.

Technology Division

Our strong focus on innovation and creativity is at the core of our forays into technology.

ABSOLUTE Energy Systems (AES)

Power generation is a real problem for any developing country across the globe, which is pulling back the industrial and agricultural growth of those countries. Absolute is dedicated to fix this problem with technology driven methods. Uninterrupted as well as cheap & clean power supply is the main catalyst for development of any country. Our German partners develop the most economical solutions to enhance the power generation with eco-friendly ways, from the Solar and Wind. Absolute is committed to provide the best solution to tap God’s given free Solar energy to houses and industries for a bare minimum cost, which we strongly believe, will ignite the human potential and lead the country to prosperity.

ABSOLUTE Cars & Automotive Systems (ACAS)

'Time and Technology never stands still'. In a fast evolving world of technology, dependency on fossil energy is drastically coming down. Thanks to the new age technology, storage of solar energy has become an effortless task day by day from the yesteryear. Absolute is keen to tap the best possible technology to avoid fossil energy usage, which is killing our mother earth and we really want our future generations to enjoy a better atmosphere. Electric driven cars, bikes, buses scooters and even heavy vehicles can run with solar generated energy.

ACAS will help to setup an assembly line / factory for SKD items in the developing countries for their local partners with a hybrid annuity BOT method. We bring our German trained technicians to run the facilities and train the local staff until they achieve the competence and proficiency to run the facilities. The competence of our German trained technicians coupled with our well-equipped local workshops / assembly lines and working tools ensure that our partners get nothing but the very best of German skills & know-how. We service our partners around the world with same dedication and zeal for which the Germans are known for. Their continued loyalty is a testimony, that we bring the right solution to their needs.

ABSOLUTE Electronics & Digital Media Systems (AEDMS)

Absolute is dedicated to bring the best and the up to date household consumer electronics and digital media to enhance our associate countrymen’s lives. We ensure the high quality products for best affordable prices to our end users. In our technology and manufacturing division, we partner with leading European companies to design and send the products in SKD form and get it assembled in the partnering countries assembly lines, which will generate jobs for the local nationals. Few product arrays are TV Sets, STBs, Tablets, Smart Phones, Fridges, Air Conditioner, Automotive systems and solar power devices.

Investment Divison

Our strategic equity in the business puts us in a position to provide strategic leadership in quality management, needed to grow the business and maximize the returns to the stakeholders satisfaction.

In every market we operate, we explore as a first option, the possibility of locating our workshop and or a local assembly plant in free trade zone.

We support our local partners by providing finance along with the technical partnerships and hybrid annuity BOT basis. It means the local partner should invest a minimum investment of 25% to 49% of the total budget of the any venture mentioned in our divisions. We arrange balance part of the investments but only in countries with favourable investment incentives.